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Limitless Industry® : adhering to ecology

Due to its ecological policy, Limites Industry® is affiliated to the Batribox program designed by the eco-organization SCRELEC, which has been specialized in the collection and recycling of used batteries for more than 10 years.

This program offers practical collection tools, aesthetic, fun and educational :

In order to encourage the collection of private batteries, SCRELEC environnement has designed Batribox terminals according to precise specifications :

  • transparent materials that reveal the batteries already reported
  • an opening wide enough to allow the collection of any type of batteries
  • a sober and modern design that integrates easily with the distributor’s brand while attracting the attention of the consumer
  • a practical and autonomous support : the terminals can be placed on the stand or directly on the counter as needed

With a complete and powerful communication device, Batribox offers collection terminals as well as a range of communication tools for our partners and the general public: posters, leaflets, posters, Mini Batribox.

Limitless Industry® is committed to protecting and respecting the environment.
Screlec :