Technological gem

We designed a terminal that can accommodate up to 10 portable universal chargers. With our ingenious Remote Control Limitless Disk Charger, give your customers or colleagues extra service. They will be able to reload, synchronously, their smartphone, tablet or other electronic devices at tables, on their deck chairs at the edge of the pool, at their office, waiting to get their hair cut.

Viskos portable universal charger

Compatible with all smartphones and other electronic devices! 2 simultaneous recharges, 1 iPhone output, 1 Android output, 2 consecutive 100% recharges per charger.
Ultra-fast wireless chargers, integrated cables.
Button that can make a sound call to call its base.

Remote control host fr

Remote control that can control up to 500 discs.
Possibility to remotely open or shut off the disk energy.
Perfectly suited for renting battery charging.

Ideal for use during seminars, business meetings, when your employees are traveling, during your subscribers sports sessions, at your clients tables or at your colleagues desks.

Product Informations

Supplied with the remote control
Collective recharge of 10 disks on a single base
Recharge time : 4 to 5 hours
Capacity : 3200mAh
Dimension : 100 x 15 mm
Weight : 148 grams
Output : 5V / 2.1A

1 year warranty